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NeuroReality is continuously working to create the best products possible.

Koji’s Quest

Koji’s Quest offers a unique, fun and exciting experience to retraining the brain. While immersed in the virtual reality game, Koji will lead you on adventures into different worlds, each with its own exercise. As you move through the game your success rebuilds the tree of life, which is a symbol the progress of your rehabilitation.


In a short time NeuroReality will offer a variety of different hardware sets from a variety of different manufacturers. We do this to ensure that every one of our users has ease of access to the hardware they need. Additionally, we strive to ensure that all our customer can easily use our products.

About Us

NeuroReality aims to change the way people approach cognitive training and rehabilitation.

We do this by utilizing a powerful combination of scientific research and gamification, our mission is to improve the lives of individuals with cognitive problems by offering effective solutions that are accessible, fun, and interactive via virtual reality (VR).

NeuroReality provides VR games that are intended to train a variety of cognitive skills such as: calculation, attention, memory, visuospatial abilities, executive functions, and reaction time. Each game is tailored to fit the user's abilities, helping individuals stay challenged while still allowing those with severe cognitive impairment to enjoy their experience.

NeuroReality also has a collaborative research initiative with the VU University Amsterdam and the Game Cella Lab, which provides evidence regarding the benefits of using our VR games with stroke survivors.


Faviola Dadis

Faviola completed her Research Master’s in Cognitive Neuropsychology at the VU Amsterdam & University of Oxford. She is a doctoral candidate, specializing in cognitive neurorehabilitation with stroke, dementia & traumatic brain injury patients.

Ruben Boyd

General Manager
Ruben holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Research Master’s in AI & Cognitive Science from the VU. He has a love for all things science & has a desire to use his knowledge about the brain and intelligent systems to improve people’s lives.

Sandy Rathod, PhD

Sandy is an entrepreneurial professional with a doctorate in Consumer Behavior from Purdue University. She has international, diverse industry experience translating complex business issues into customer-centric strategies that help companies grow.

Glenn Hoff

Glenn has a degree in IT in Game Development from the AUAS & prior experience in rehabilitation. He has developed apps for Social Elephant using JavaScript, and multiple Unity games involving PCG, game design & C# programming.

Roy Schröder

Roy has worked on a wide variety of applications, ranging from training simulations, entertainment games, large scale serious games, and a prototype for a healthcare product. Roy holds a degree in Information Technology, specialized in Game Development.

Karen Kooiman

Data Analyst
Karen completed her Research Mater’s in Cognitive Neuropsychology at the VU Amsterdam focusing on both analysis of small clinical trials & meta data. She possess 4 years experience in statistical analysis of large datasets in SPSS, R, Python & Stata.

Caroline de Booij

Caroline is a second year Master’s student in neurobiology with interest in AI, VR, & neurotech. She has a background in clinical research using Deep Brain Stimulation & Brain-Computer Interfaces, the acquisition of brain data & analysis.

Yvette Kooke

Yvette possesses a degree in Game Art and has trained to become a 3D generalist. She is especially specialized in 3D Sculpting and Animation.

Inês Pires

Researcher & Patient Expert
Inês holds a Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology. She did her internship as a Clinic Neuropsychologist in Portugal and worked as a Guest Researcher at Leiden University. Her background is focused on the applicability of VR tools for cognitive rehabilitation and spatial navigation assessment. Having suffered a stroke firsthand, Inês provides a unique perspective as both a neuroscientist and patient expert.

Olivier Teerling

Research Intern
Olivier is a first year master’s student in Brain and Cognitive Sciences with interest in musicology and the effects of music on the brain. He has a background in psychobiology and aims to continue his career within the field of music science.

Andrew Davis

Marketing Intern
Andrew studies International Business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship at AUAS. He has worked in marketing for several start-ups and has experience in videography, photography, branding & design.

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